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I bring your product to the next level.
I use the new generation tools that increase my productivity, and the project's sustainability with the best practices of code.

My skills

I am focused on
Frontend Development / NodeJS Development / Restful Web Apps.

Actually these charts are nothing more than a bullshit, you can find these types of graphs on many portfolio sites, so I just wanted to have these on my page too, but it's not really related about my actual skills.

Who inspire me?

Their innovative minds make some of our ideas possible

  • Brendan Eich

    Brendan Eich

    Brendan Eich invented JavaScript, co-founded http://mozilla.org , and served as CEO, Mozilla.

  • Ben Alman

    Ben Alman

    He's a senior developer at @bocoup, creator of @gruntjs, and frequent contributor to @jquery. I also coined the term IIFE and play a mean funk bass.

  • Addy Osmani

    Addy Osmani

    Engineer at Google • Author • Polymer, Yeoman, Chrome • Creator of TodoMVC & others • Passionate about web tooling

  • Hakim El Hattab

    Hakim El Hattab

    Swedish JavaScript coder and CSS tweaker • Co-founder of @SlidesApp

What I do?

#HTML #CSS #Javascript #Node.js #Express.js #RxJS #GraphQL #React.js #Webpack #Angular #NPM #Ionic #jQuery #mongoDB #Grunt.js #Require.js #HTML5 #CSS3 #SASS #LESS #COMPASS #STYLUS #Canvas-Graph works #Bootstrap #MVC & #MVVM based projects #AMD based JS optimizations #Gulp.js #gzip compression #CSS & JS minification for faster experiences #Javascript Profiling for smoother UX

  • Html 5 & Css 3 & Modernizr Combination

    I always try to use the newest technologies, besides that I also have to think of the fallbacks for the old browsers which doesn't support a feature, I mean pollyfills such as css pie and many more. Especially the old versions of IE, and some inconsistencies between other browsers really need them. Modernizr is a good solution to see if your target browser supports a feature or not.

  • Responsive design & Mobile-first principles

    Nowadays the web pages or apps look the same on different devices right? So my pages should also give the same usage experience with an independent concept of device or resolution. So the stylesheets should be independent of device types but resolution specific with some media queries, that I add to my stylesheets to meet the needs of your page.

  • Standards-compliant, semantic HTML5

    The web become a place that not only humans read and understand a page but also some crawlers and bots read and understand what the page or content is about. So the tags or contents should be well organised not to surprise the machines. We are going to build a world where all the machines will have access to internet, I mean M2M technologies. So we should prepare the web for them.

  • Pre processing with Sass & Compass, Less or Stylus and version management

    As a frontend developer I should generate my css files faster and more robust. So that's a good way to use a preprocessor that makes us able to write with the concept of DRY(Don't repeat yourself). And keeping the changes in a repository will make the team much more productive while merging the codes after developing different parts of the project. That's what I'm used to.

  • Grids, layout, typography, & color theory & Source maps

    I like to use a grid system on my projects, that can be lost grid, ant design's grid system or bootstrap etc. because it gives me a very good flexibility and responsive layouts that act different on different resolutions. "Flat design", "Long Shadow" or "Material Design" and such more design trends can be seen on various projects, but the important thing is to beware of what is new and trending. Also having a source map file for the processed JS or CSS helps a lot to develop faster.

  • Understanding of usability testing

    Nowadays the web pages consist of many modules that interact with each other, and can act different which may cause an inconsistency for the user experience if a new feature is mistakenly added or implemented. So the project should be TDD (test driven developed) to handle these possibilities before the users experience it. Karma, mocha and Qunit tests are some of these test frameworks that I used before.

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What do people say about me?

He is the BEST!! `Halil Emre Geriş`
Burak is a very sincere, smart and hardworking person. He is also a good learner and always upgrades his skills by following the new technology trends. It was a great pleasure to work with him. I wish you all the best my friend.. `Zafer Onbaş`
Burak is a web genius with remarkable talent when it comes to writing front-end code. He has a good knowledge of latest technologies and spends time to further improve himself. He also has a great attitude and is a good team player. `Sezin Karlı`
Burak is an highly resourceful and enthusiastic front-end developer with broad knowledge of NodeJS. He follows new technologies and shares his experience. He is a true friend, a great PlayStation buddy. `Abdulhadi Çelenlioğlu`
Burak is a talented Frontend craftsman. He always cares about quality and learn new technologies to follow new trends.He is also joy of the team. `Uğur Güneri`
If you want to deep dive into JS or any framework which uses JS, please welcome! `Süleyman Gündüz`
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